Your Network for Innovation

When you want to connect with a network of game changing entrepreneurs and investors, you need a platform to get it done. Find everyone and every resource you need, all in one place. Engage with the best opportunities for you, and gain the edge you need to outperform the competition. Entrepreneurs meet investors, while showcasing your startup and metrics using easy templates. Investors discover the next unicorns, using data without bias.

Floww’s platform allows VCs, investors and startups to find each other, connect, share metrics and do deals.

A Transparent and Connected Ecosystem

Up until now, global innovation has been disconnected. Previously, startups often needed “warm intros” to connect with investors, who didn’t have the data to make the most accurate investment decisions. Floww is changing all of that, for you. Become part of an ecosystem that thrives off merit, powered by real data and powerful connections. So you can win.


  • Get found and get funded
  • Showcase your startup, your growth story, and your metrics
  • Investors love seeing your data to help them make funding decisions
  • Benchmark your startup against other companies at your stage, in your sector


  • Discover deals from dynamic startups and global R&D facilities
  • Connect with Founders
  • Receive data, KPIs, benchmarking and analysis
  • Report back to your LPs with state-of-the-art fund management and admin


  • Unlock fund reporting and performance metrics
  • Receive KPIs, benchmarking and analysis
  • As a LP, see all your reporting in one easy place
  • Discover fresh startups and learn about industry sectors