Real data makes everything possible

Supercharge your venture capital portfolio and gain your inside edge using accurate startup data.

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Spot the Unicorn
Venture capitalists choose Floww to discover startups that outperform the competition.

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Clear, Accurate and Up-to-date
See deals, receive accurate KPIs, and access reporting that truly engages your LPs.

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A Benchmark for Benchmarks
Instantly compare all metrics across your portfolio, and the market. Gain reliable and accurate data across startups.

Want to enhance your deal flow and maximize your returns using real data?
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Data To Make You Win


Discover the Next Unicorn

  • Receive deal flow across region, sector and stage
  • Discover best in class startups, who outperform their competitors
  • Connect with Founders and CEOs who want to share their data with you
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Floww Makes Analysing Your Portfolio Simple

  • Drag + drop your portfolio’s investor decks, financial models and cap tables
  • We use real accountants and AI to check the data
  • You choose when to share the data, with superior reporting functions
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The Real Data You Need to Make the Right Decisions

  • Instantly compare companies across sectors using their KPIs
  • Use this data for your own investor and LP updates
  • One-click solution: everything you need right at your fingertips
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Your End-to-End Solution

  • Find your unicorns and win the best deals, using transparent metrics.
  • From discovery to due diligence, to CRM Kanban and administrative reporting, Floww gives you the data to win.
  • Supercharge your investment journey and outperform the competition.
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