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Level up your metrics and share them easily with the right investors for you. Get your startup featured, funded and thriving.

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Connecting Made Easy
Founders choose Floww to connect with hundreds of VCs and investors for funding.

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Outstanding Stand Out
Get your startup featured so you can be discovered by the best investors who meet your funding needs.

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Show and Tell
Showcase your metrics and easily manage your investor reporting.

Get access to the perfect funding partners that can transform your business
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Be Discoverable, Be A Unicorn

  • Get your startup featured so you can connect with capital
  • Search for the right VCs and angels by sector, funding stage, and location
  • Efficiently communicate with hundreds of investors who are actively looking for Deal Floww
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Showcase Your Startup Metrics

  • Investors want to get to know you and hear your story
  • Drag + drop your deck, financial model, and cap table
  • Our accountants and AI are here to support you
  • You choose when to share your deal, and with which VCs and angels
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Benchmark Your Data with Other Startups

  • Instantly compare your startup with others across your sector 
  • See how much funding others have raised, against industry KPIs
  • Use this data to make the best decisions for you and your team
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Investor Reporting
Made Easy

  • Sending updates and reports to your investors is now a breeze
  • Manage your investor relationships, and provide the metrics they value
  • Take the hassle out of reporting, while building stronger investor connections
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