Power is Nothing Without Control

Gain all of the insights, while remaining in control over your own deals and data.

Nothing disclosed or shared, unless you choose.

Venture Capital, Funding, Startup KPIs, Business analytics, Private data

Full Control
of All Your Data

Gain the benefits of having access to a wealth of data on startups and the industry, while maintaining complete control over your own deals and privacy.

Venture Capital, Funding, Due Diligence, Investor reporting, Private data

Be Connected.
Stay Private

Keep your deals private during Due Diligence, and all other times when privacy is paramount.

Venture Capital, Funding, Data privacy, Encrypted data, privacy

Highly Secure

We take security to the highest level. All data is encrypted at rest and in flight.

Venture Capital, Funding, Data warehouse, Data cloud, Investor

Data Warehouse

Silo your data in your own bespoke warehouse, where you decide what’s private and what can be shared.

Advantage Without Compromise

Receive valuable intel, while keep your sensitive information under lock and key.